Respected Parents,

When we talk about eleven Plus exam, we are talking about an examination taken by some school pupils (but not all) in the last year of primary school to get into a grammar school of their choice.  In fact the term 11 Plus refers to the age of children when they enter a grammar school, though they are only 10 when they take the exam.

What is a Grammar School?  There are mainly two types of schools in the UK- grammar schools and comprehensive schools. Grammar schools are state secondary schools that select their pupils by means of an examination, on the basis of their academic ability. They are designed to see that bright and competent children learn in an environment with peers of  similar standard while in a comprehensive school, children of all abilities and aptitudes are taught together.

Why Choose a Grammar School? As able children have special needs, they need a faster, deeper curriculum, a more challenging environment and a place in which they can flourish free. A grammar school has high expectations that all their students will attend university and go for higher education. As there are not many grammar schools in London, they are oversubscribed and the competition is high with sometimes more than 10 candidates for one seat.

Noor Tuition Centre and 11 Plus: Noor Tuition Centre is one of the Jamaat’s institute which is being run under the Taleem Department, UK. Since Noor Tuition Centre has always tried to fulfil the educational requirements of Ahmadi children, acknowledging the value of 11 Plus exam, it has been decided that the centre will start the very important  Year 4 & 5 and prepare the students for 11 Plus exam which will prove a stepping stone for further higher studies eventually contributing  in producing distinguished professionals in Jamaat. As all children do not sit 11 Plus exam, those parents who are planning this exam for their children because of their past results should contact at the earliest convenience.

 Test Preparation: As grammar school entrance exams can consist of all or most of the following, children will be prepared for all of them:

•        Maths

•        English (Creative writing, comprehension, punctuation and grammar)

•        Verbal reasoning

•        Non-verbal reasoning

Tuition Fee: There will be no tuition fee for the first month. From the next month, very nominal fee will be charged as students will be using lots of photocopied material.

                                                                                        Kind Regards

                                                                                        Management of Noor Tuition Centre

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