Dear Parents/Carers

       True education goes hand-in-hand with character formation and offers a unique opportunity to be a better and responsible human being. By the grace of Allah Almighty, Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam is a symbol of peace , love and harmony and tries to inculcate these noble qualities within its members through proper education and character building.

With these aims and objectives The Education Department of Jamaat is pleased to announce the reopening of “NOOR  TUITION  CENTRE”. Our goal is to assess the real needs and deficiencies  of individual students and try to address those issues on one to one basis. We are committed  to run this Tuition Centre on professional basis with highly qualified, trained , dedicated and sincere  team.

We aspire for excellence and progress in the field of education. With Sky-high goals, we are aiming to explore the World. In order to see our children at the pinnacle of their strengths, we strive to equip them with best possible educational resources. We need more people like Dr.Abdus Salam and Sir Zafrullah Khan. We have to replace the Sword with real Knowledge and Enlightenment. Let’s help our children to become the real Talent and Asset of Jamaat.

It is the triangle  of Parents ,Teachers and Students which becomes the source of success in the field of education. So, we need your support, suggestions and  active cooperation. We are in the process of growth and urge you to come forward with your valuable suggestions. It is your own institution. Your active participation will ensure its success.

 As a token of realization that your child is in safe hands and that you are contributing towards the mutual efforts, we are charging a very nominal fee from the students.

At the end, I would like to request you to pray for the real success of “NOOR TUITION CENTRE”. May Allah make this institution a real source of light(NOOR) for our children.(Ameen)

                                                                                           AHMED NOMAN SADIQ.


                                                                                           NOOR TUITION CENTRE

                                                                                           3rd  & 4th floors Unit 8 Willow                                                                                                                          Lane CR4 4NA